WGCU: Brigadier General Champions Medal of Honor for Downed Gulf War Pilot

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On February 15, 1991 two Air Force fighter pilots — Capt. Stephen R. Phillis and 1st Lt. Rob Sweet — flew together for the 30th time on a mission during Operation Desert Storm. During that mission, Lt. Sweet’s aircraft was hit by enemy fire and he was forced to eject. As he descended in his parachute toward thousands of members of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard forces, his wingman, Capt. Phillis remained flying overhead in order to draw their fire and give Sweet a better chance at surviving.

After nearly four minutes of circling his A-10 was also hit and then crashed. Our guest today is on a mission to have the Medal of Honor awarded posthumously Capt. Phillis for his actions on that day. Air Force Brigadier General and Naples resident, Jim Demarest, joins us to tell that story, and explain why he’s working to have the Medal of Honor awarded to Capt. Phillis.